Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Red Roo Art

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1.Arizona Renaissance Festival 2020 -- Feb. 8th - March 29th --- Weekends only including President's Day, Monday Feb. 17th ---  Booth #241 in Gold Canyon, AZ.  My booth is just inside the Front Gate, between the First Aid Booth and the King's Kitchen on the left hand side. It's across from the Mayor's Pavilion on the left.

LAST 2 WEEKENDS CANCELLED DUE TO CORONAVIRUS  https://arizona.renfestinfo.com 

2.Norman Medieval Faire 2020 -- CANCELLED DUE TO CORONAVIRUS. See you next year!  -  https://www.medievalfair.org/


3.Scarborough Renaissance Festival 2020 --  May 2nd - June 7th --- Weekends only including Memorial Day, Monday May 25th ---  Booth #158 in Waxahatchie, TX.  My NEW booth is Booth #158 on Taylor Lane within the Pecan Grove.  POSTPONED DUE TO CORONAVIRUS TENATIVELY OPENING MAY 2ND. CHANGES MIGHT OCCUR, CHECK THE SCARBOROUGH REN. FEST WEBSITE - https://www.srfestival.com/


4.Colorado Renaissance Festival 2020 -- June 13th - Aug 2nd --- Weekends only ---  Booth #44 in Larkspur, CO.  My Booth is located across from the Castle Rose Stage on the same row as the Pirate Ship Stage. TENATIVELY OPENING JUNE 13TH. CHANGES MIGHT OCCUR, CHECK THE COLORADO RENAISSANCE FEST WEBSITE --https://coloradorenaissance.com/ 

5.Minnesota Renaissance Festival 2020 -- Aug. 22nd – Oct. 4th --- Weekends only including Labor Day Sept. 7th & Festival Friday Oct. 2nd---  Booth #733 in Shakopee, MN.  Our booth is in the Narrows Market, on the same lane as the Bad Manor, 6 booths down from the tall wooden bear. http://renaissancefest.com/ 

6.Michigan Renaissance Festival 2020 -- Aug. 22nd – Oct. 4th --- Weekends only including Labor Day Sept. 7th & Festival Friday Oct. 2nd --- Booth # 202, in Holly, MI. We're located on the right side of the Faire, on the same lane 2 booths down from the Chocolate & Fudge Shop in front of the Joust. http://www.michrenfest.com/

7.Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival 2020 --- Aug. 22nd - Sept 27th  --- Weekends only including Labor Day Sept. 7th --- in West Newton, PA. WI. My Booth is #17, right across from the Front Gate 4 booths to the right of the Rose Stage on Canterbury Lane. www.pittsburghrenfest.com


8.Kansas City Renaissance Festival 2020 -- Sept. 5th - Oct. 18th --- Weekends only including Labor Day Sept. 7th & Bonus Monday Oct. 12th ---  Booth #338 in Bonner Springs, KS. We're located on Follie Field behind the Joust and across from the Astrologer's Big Booth next to Casteel Gallery. http://www.kcrenfest.com/

9.Carolina Renaissance Festival 2020 – Oct. 3rd - Nov. 22nd --- Weekends only ---  Booth #210 in Huntersville, NC. We're located on the left side of the Faire, on the same lane as Sir Reel's Music Pavilion 4 booths up from Casa Fortuna Stage. ---  http://www.carolina.renfestinfo.com/


10. Anthrocon 2020 --- July 2nd – July 5th  --- Thursday - Sunday --- Booth #to be determined in Pittsburgh, PA. I'll be under "Red Roo Art" in the Exhibit Hall  https://www.anthrocon.org/

11. Denver Pop Culture Con 2020 --- July 3nd – July 5th  --- Friday - Sunday --- Booth #to be determined in Denver, CO. I'll be under "Ruth Thompson Fantasy Art" in the Exhibit Hall.  https://denverpopculturecon.com/ Ruth will be here all three days! --- 
12. Gencon Game Faire 2020 --- July 30th - Aug. 2nd  --- Thursday - Sunday --- Booth #to be determined in Indianapolis, IN. I'll be under "Ruth Thompson Fantasy Art" in the Exhibit Hall. Ruth will be here all four days! ----  https://www.gencon.com/

13. Dragoncon 2019--- Sept. 3rd - Sept. 7th --- Friday - Monday ---- Booth #to be determined on the First Floor of the Exhibit Hall/AmericasMart in Atlanta, GA.  I'll be under "Ruth Thompson Fantasy Art". Ruth will be here all four days!  --- https://www.dragoncon.org/

14. Phoenix Fan Fusion 2020 --- Sept 25th - Sept 27 --- Friday - Sunday --- Booth #to be determined in Phoenix, AZ. I'll be under "Ruth Thompson Fantasy Art" in the Exhibit Hall  POSTPONED DUE TO CORONAVIRUS TENATIVELY OPENING SEPT 25TH. CHANGES MIGHT OCCUR, CHECK THE PHOENIX FAN FUSION WEBSITE  - https://phoenixfanfusion.com/


----so far, Ruth's schedule changes so check back often----
February 8 – March 31, 2020@ the Arizona Renaissance Festival in Gold Canyon, AZ. Ruth will be here EVERY WEEKEND LAST 2 WEEKENDS CANCELLED DUE TO CORONAVIRUS...SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!

April 3– April 5, 2020 @ the Norman Medieval Faire 2020 in Norman, Oklahoma - CANCELLED DUE TO CORONAVIRUS...SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!


July 3 - July 5th, 2020 @ the Denver Pop Culture Con in Denver, CO

July 30 - Aug. 2, 2020 @ Gencon Game Faire in Indianapolis, IN

Aug 11 - 13, 2020 @ the Licensing Expo with Tate Licensing in Las Vegas, NV - POSTPONED FROM MAY DAY DUE TO CORONAVIRUS


Sept 3 - Sept 7, 2020 @ Dragoncon 2020 in Atlanta, GA

Oct 2 – Oct 4, 2020 @ the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, the Final Weekend in Chaska, MN

Oct 10 – Oct 11, 2020 @ the Carolina Renaissance Festival, the 2nd Weekend in Huntersville, NC

Oct 17 – Oct 18, 2020 @ the Kansas City Renaissance Faire, the Final Weekend in Bonner Springs, KS

Nov 21 - Nov 22, 2020 @ the Carolina Renaissance Festival, the Final Weekend in Huntersville, NC